martedì 6 settembre 2011

Tavi Gevinson explains what she wants to accomplish for her New Website Rookie

Tavi Gevinson.

Promising honest, funny, and insightful takes on teen life, the new website, rookie centers around a monthly theme — the first is "Beginnings" — and will update three times a day on a typical teen's schedule: after school, dinnertime, and before bed.

"To me, what I'm writing for the site and how I'm overseeing it, a lot of it is really almost selfish because it's really just what I like or what I think maybe doesn't get said enough"

"A lot of websites run on a system of having to get a post up every half-hour, and a lot of those end up being filler posts because they don't actually have that much to say. Rookie is kind of my response to that because we have three posts a day, and we plan everything a month ahead of time. And I like that. After being in all these meetings with publishing companies and advertisers and stuff, it's like everyone just wants to trick people into reading their website. If the content is good, people will read it — you don't have to create some funny little "trying to be cutesy" gadget or whatever to coax them. We don't really have snappy names for our categories, they're pretty straightforward: "Movies and TV," "Sex and Love." I guess a couple of the more abstract ones would be "Eye Candy," which is a photo story by one of our photographers, or "Dear Diary," in which four of our contributors submit a diary entry each week"
 Tavi Gevinson.

To read the whole interview - nymag

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