giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Gareth Pugh RTW Spring 2012 - Paris Fashion Week , A Sci-Fi Inspired collection

Fetish anyone? Another  film by Gareth Pugh’s frequent collaborator Ruth Hogben opened his spring show. This one starred a naked Crystal Renn, who appeared to be bound and completely ferocious.
The opening looks were structured creations that looked more like armor than clothing, using a strict color palette of black and whit, coats made of stiff horizontal strips that encased the body and funneled up around the fac, the dresses were tighth , cropped vests. 
Gareth  used strict colors palette of black and white, models walked the runway in contrasting stripes and unisex outerwear , hooded robes and a black net of chiffon give a more softer look to the collection

At show’s end, the film screen burst into purple flames, introducing dark warriors in shiny molded coats and matching flame-shaped helmets.

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