venerdì 29 aprile 2011

Givenchy the news colletion bracelets

Fashion miss, Royal wedding

Yes blue thanks to kate is a hit color and..  Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in a  electric-blue dress by British fashion designer, Deborah Milner and the matching hat by Philip Treacy could still be chic if only she stopped there, but then she mached  the accessory all in the same blue  
the clutch bag and the elbow-length gloves and from being chic and elegant she transformed her look in a fashion disaster..

Is Kate's McQueen dress reminiscent of Grace Kelly one?

giovedì 28 aprile 2011

New Bamboo In Cocco by Gucci

Marc Jacobs vs Prada

Do you remember Charlotte Todd?!

Do you remember Charlotte Todd? no? I'll give you a little hint,

Does this dress ring a bell? oh you remember, yes this is the see-through dress that made Prince William fall for Kate Middleton designed by Charlotte Todd.

Todd has chosen the eve of Kate Middleton and Prince William's nuptials to launch her fashion design career with a small 12-piece collection featuring - you guessed it - an updated version of the knitted tube dress Middleton wore in a charity fashion show at St Andrews University in 2002.

Famously, Prince William was in the audience and after Kate caught his eye in her revealing outfit, the pair became a couple. The original dress, made of hand-knitted silk, cost Todd, now 32, £30 to make and sold recently at auction for £78,000 despite Todd claiming in an interview last November that she would never sell the precious garment.

"The only person I'd probably give it to is her [Middleton] - maybe in exchange for a wedding invitation. Of course I would love to design her wedding dress too."

When neither of those options came to fruition, it was off to Kerry Taylor auction house with the dress, which finally went to a mystery bidder, rumoured to be from Jersey.

Well wish her good luck for her colletion wich is rumored to be a "this summer's must have"- colletion

"The keywords for the collection are boho glam with a hint of royal sophistication, which is what this summer will be remembered for," the press release explains, and: "combines swathes of unique knitted fabrics in a sensual and Swedish summer Boho style with a vibrant colour palate [sic] reminiscent of the vibrant 70's."

The modernised Middleton dress

 made from "sheer Italian yarns" is the first piece of the collection to be released, and despite appearances, is by all accounts a bit of an-all rounder promising to "keep you cool during the summer days and warm through the evenings. It can serve as day or beach wear or be a statement piece for a hot summer's evening."

well who know maybe kate might buy it At £49.95 for her honeymoon...

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Christian Dior: exhibition in Moscow, between art and fashion. Here are some works on display

Christian Dior is without a doubt one of the most famous fashion brands internationally and women all over the world appreciate his absolutely elegant style, chic and feminine,  since 1947, when the brand has walked for the first time. That elegant atmosphere now live again in a special  exposure in Moscow, which show us a  strong link between fashion and art.

 The exposure, called "Inspiration Dior,"  offers older collections of the brand but also the latest fashion lines of haute couture and prêt-à-porter: the French fashion house, is told through a path that includes the beautiful creations, but also photographs, famous paintings and films. It is not the first time that an exposure in Moscow is dedicated Dior ! 

Christian Dior, since the Second World War, has always proposed a very elegant dress that expresses  femininity .He will continue to give his style for another ten years until,  1957, when he died prematurely from heart attack.
After him, other top designers have continued to speak for Christian Dior: designers who succeeded in becoming the best like Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre and French John Galliano, recently fired from Dior for a scandal that hit him.

While waiting to know the name of the successor of John Galliano at Dior (probably Riccardo Tisci), here in Moscow at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, from April 28 to July 24, is held a major exhibition , which tells us of the close link between art and fashion. 120 glamorous creations will be associated with 60 works of art by great artists.Well, the result could only be wonderful!