lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Marilyn Monroe Iconic White Swimsuit

Today, 51 years ago in 1962, at the young age of 36,  the world lost an icon in beauty and style - Marilyn Monroe and to pay my tribute to this fantastic and talented actress i would like to show same pics about Marilyn iconic white swimsuit and my idea how to copy her impeccable style

so here we go!

"I paid no attention to the whistles and whoops. In fact, I didn’t hear them. I was full of a strange feeling, as if I were two people. One of them was Norma Jean from the orphanage who belonged to nobody. The other was someone whose name I didn’t know. But I knew where she belonged. She belonged to the ocean and the sky and the whole world."


Even though the summer is almost at the end here same good idea to rock Marylin style 

Both pin up vintage inspired swimsuit one in salmon and the other in white come from this cool boutique that I totally love -

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