venerdì 16 settembre 2011

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week - a cocktail of one part cowgirl, and a splash of wholesome Americana

 A sky-high golden metallic stage curtain opening on his 46 girls, each sprawled theatrically across a chair, channeling her inner Bebe Neuwirth.
Jacobs sat behind them onstage, the Fosse-esque director.
“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,” the soundtrack repeated over and over as a spotlight singled out a girl who then rose and walked the length of the runway, showing her stuff.

Tulle sweater worn with a fringed skirt of shimmering synthetic fibers under a leather coat with subtle Western fringe and clear plastic cowboy boots , bold-colored sequins and paillettes , iridescent skirts or edging leather jackets, luminous and opaque draped silicone skirts, high-low nylon and cashmere sweatshirts ,  the eyelet lace made of plastic studding.
It all made for fabulous, if imperfect, viewing.
Key trend:  fringe, pailette , silicone skirts

credit to wwd

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