lunedì 19 settembre 2011

Julien Macdonald Spring 2012, london - A mix between futuristic crime-fighting, elements of the yachts, and Chinese dragons

Macdonald referred to this collection as "modernist glamour,"
“They’re so glossy and modern – it’s really an ideal dream to own one isn’t it,” he said.
With panels of leather mesh and metallic belts – the models had literally dressed themselves in elements of the yachts, with their heads slicked with red or white emulsion paint to hold the hair back.
Macdonald wish to t expand over asia as well: “I wanted to take them on a bit of a tour of Asia,” . “I’ve never been to China or Japan but I’d love to go – it’s that part of the world in which the luxury market is really flourishing at the moment, I think every designer brand wants to expand over there.”
He used laser to cut leathers, jersey and new plasticised wool for a “squiggle knit”that's his to use technical innovation to bring couture techniques on to his catwalk, but there was Chinese dragons embroidered onto nude chiffon dresses in a million silvery or black beads as well, one dress, he revealed had taken 60 men to work on it – such was the intricacy of the embroidery.
Macdonald used tattoos cause : “though I’d never have one myself, I don’t have the body for it!”
fresh blue and white block print for trousers and matching jackets that had a New Romantic feel.

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