mercoledì 28 settembre 2011

Fendi RTW Spring 2012 - Milan Fashion Week, “Life is not a cocktail party,”

 Karl Lagerfeld’s message at Fendi  “Life is not a cocktail party,” and  “I like daily life.” is the inspiration behind his collection a "daytime chic" he embraced  “the idea of Italian women dressing like they used to on the streets of Milan or Rome.” with a wealth of chic, grown-up clothes 60s influence that felt very real and ultra-inviting.
Cotton dresses that had pleated apron fronts in washed out red or came in blue and white stripes with buttoned up collars, Algebraic detailing and graph paper-inspired embroidery , there were stripes , blue or red and white cotton skirts,  a great trench dress,  cotton jackets, featuring windows at each shoulder and soft, shapely cuts to match the full skirts beneath them.
One could call this collection calm with neutral colors black, camel, ivory, navy with shots.
Lagerfeld for his clothes pay attention to cut and details, starting with the shoulders, rounded, flanged, extended, caped and exposed them on jackets, dresses and tops, sleeveless cable-knit cricket jumpers - oversized in cream or black with sheer back panels, seventies little leather bombers jackets , dresses featuring dots of coloured appliqué and finely woven raffia, sheer chiffon , Tufted fur coats of mustard and green fox.
A final run of black dresses with black chiffon embossed with silk flowers, glittering beads and swirls of leather and ribbon fringing.

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