martedì 6 settembre 2011

Quote of the day : In which Alber Elbaz, head designer of Lanvin wonder "what is it that I bring to women?"

‘Yves Saint Laurent gave women power; Chanel liberated them, and so for a long time I asked myself “what is it that I bring to women – what is it that I do for them?” And then one day I got an SMS from a friend of mine in New York, and she said “Hi Alber, I am in the back of a taxi, going to the court, going to face my a**hole husband in a divorce case, and I’m wearing Lanvin, and I feel so protected, I can face it better.” That was one of the biggest compliments I ever got in my life – I thought if I can make a dress in silk, and it weighs maybe 150 grams, and that can protect her in front of her a**hole husband - that thought made me very happy.'

credit to graziadaily

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