mercoledì 21 settembre 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff RTW Spring London Show 2012 collection about “something that’s lovely and sweet and antifeminist...

....about taking all the things that little girls are taught are beautiful and pretty from an early age—and destroying and celebrating them at the same time.”
Meadham and Kirchhoff show thought about what it means to be a girl,

Meadham said after the show that they'd been preoccupied with what he called "the girl on the cake": starlets, showgirls, beauty pageant winners, models, and princesses. "I wanted to take them off the cake, and put a real girl up there," he explained. A real girl, he went on, not defined by feminine frippery, though she may occasionally indulge in
The stage was set with  pastel balloons and  gold lamé curtains.
 The Show opened with a troupe of fourteen faux Courtney Loves ran out in pastel satin baby-dolls, dabbed themselves with powder puffs, mimed putting on lipstick, and suddenly broke into a rendition of the can-can.
Two different act followed the first one saw models walking the aisle with cute pastel mini-kilts, feather and tinsel bloomers, baby-coat jackets, frilled pinafores, heart-shaped bodices, sparkle-embroidered cardigans, there were dresses that looked like cake, handbags in the shapes of teddy bear and doll-faces, the models were wearing blonde bubble-wigs and wedges with gold ruffles and pom-poms on the toes.
The second act open up with little ballerinas in white tutus, red shoes, and fairy-wings ready to dance and then they parted revealing gold curtain who opened to a podium of models posing like showgirls or beauty queens at a pageant.
Key trend : embroidered bathing suits, diamante knickers, vintage cartoon appliqués, baby-doll a là Marie Antoinette.

credit to the pics to style.

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