lunedì 26 settembre 2011

Emilio Pucci RTW Spring 2012 - Milan Fashion Week, It all started with a picture of Brigitte Bardot wearing Gypsy Clothes

“I found a picture of her wearing these gypsy clothes and that became the starting point. It’s ultra-feminine and then also very masculine with the tailoring, there’s lots of lingerie and lots of technique,”
 Peter Dundas, the house’s artistic director describes his collection as  “gypsy de luxe, boys and girls” a haute gypsies.
It was all about a hip-worn skirt, a midriff and a little crop top, hair arranged in just-so messiness and crosses at their necks and the fun strated with  high-drama gypsies,  spunky hanky-hem gypsies; sleek column-clad gypsies; naughty nude-tone gypsies; rebel gypsies who prefer black, webby knits, and even natty gypsies in printed shirts over shorts or trousers.
Embellished, lace and with occasional feathers of shimmering gold strands ,  this time Pucci tell us to follow our wild side next summer “I always design for the same vibe of woman - she’s bohemian and she likes to hang out on the beach,” Dundas

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