domenica 26 febbraio 2012

Versace RTW Fall 2012 - A Goth-Glam ‘Dangerous Beauty"

 ‘It was about protecting yourself with armour but showing your determination.’ Donatella said, of her show.
The collection gives vibe of sexy rock with a touch of gothic.
The show opened with black velvet dresses embroidered with leather Byzantine crosses, knee-high socks worn with black leather heels and black LBDs with crescents of silver metal over each breast to give a fealing of dominatrix attitude.
Velvet or leather pencil skirts came below stiff bustiers that raised in a half moon to the throat.
 In yellow, bright orange or white, and most often they were studded or encrusted with more jewelled crosses and crystal adornment.
Shrink-to-fit leather biker jackets were moulded into the body, while dress bodices were sculpted out to stiff jutting hips and cashmere or astrakhan coats had strips of chainmail across the shoulders.
 The cross motif was replaced by the letters of Versace scattered in glittering colour across cocktail dresses.
This was pure, deadly, bejazzling, goth-glam Versace , inspired by its own amazing archive.

credit to wwd

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