martedì 21 febbraio 2012

Giles RTW Fall 2012 - Victorian Opulence A Twist Of Modern Era And Burn Motifs

 Deacon presented a collection whose intensity crescendoed on the strength of every look.
The show started with, Perfect tailored suit trouser, velvet black jacket with silk lapel and layering around the waist, beautifully cut tail coats and bustle backed tuxedo dresses, through to fishtail gowns in laser-cut satin or thorn-bush lace.
  The dresses featured huge burnt holes that were edged not in charred fabric but in tiny, glittering crystals.
 Voluminous drammatic gowns with heavy brocade fabrics,faded prints of Renaissance art fell to hemlines of ostrich feather strands in exactly the same tones,
All of this, was completely opulent and defiant. Queens, thorns and unicorns ranged across rich grey brocade coats that nodded at royal tapestries.

creit to WWD

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