sabato 25 febbraio 2012

Fendi RTW Fall 2012 - “Infinite, Innovative Interplay Of Textures, Colours And Fabrics.”

Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi sent out a lineup that could not have been more complicated or, in this age of Minimalist worship, bolder.
They treated all the materials at their disposal as an interplay of textures, colors, and angular shapes, cutting them into waisted silhouettes, with skirts patch-worked from asymmetric zones of cashmere and pleats. “Modern femininity without references,” describes Lagerfeld.
The models though polished and impeccably finished, had the aura of the modern warrior-princess.
The models’ hair, done in multiple tiny braids, some wrapped around the head.
Throughout, the collection there was the recurring motif of stingray, a theme flagged on the runway itself, a vast stretch of shagreen-printed PVC. It was repeated on everything from handbags and shoes to blouses and hosiery.
In a warmly muted, wintery colour palette that Lagerfeld called “the warm glow before snow”, there were leather shift dresses with silk, puffed sleeves worn with leopard print tights, heavy cashmere shawls with pointed backs, and double layered (one short, one long) coats that freed panels of glimmering pleated inserts down one side.
Patchwork mohair dresses, tops with goat hair embroidered into the mohair and leopard print silk blouses, multicoloured fur coats .
The new Fendi bags are either iPad boxes with a top-handle, or classic-seeming black-and-white crocodile totes and had cascades of goat hair sprouting from the sides.
Fendi's message is as clear as light no matter if is real fur or not "fur is back"

credit to wwd 

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