sabato 15 ottobre 2011

Watch Pinball-Inspired Film that show the construction of a Mise en Dior Iconic Pearl Necklace.

Dior‘s creative director of costume jewelry, Camille Miceli come out with a  new smart animated short film, in which  show the construction of a Mise en Dior costume jewelry necklace starting from a pinball.
 fashionista interviewed her ( check the full interview here  about working with Marc Jacobs, being a muse, and the Dior Rumors  ) 
How she come up with the cool video - "We wanted something frivolous and we thought, ‘why dont we do a pinball,’ so it started basically like that and then we worked together on the concept and I decided we needed to make it very Dior".

How did you make it ‘Dior’- "The idea is to take something very classic and make it Dior, so we took the idea of the typical chair of Dior and turned it into the flipper and..pinball, sorry…and then I said, listen, we need to also have some elements that reflect Dior, like you have the lock of the jewelry, the ribbon that we use on the necklace… The star, because when he (Christian Dior) was in Paris on Avenue Montaigne, before he got the store, he found a coin which was a star, so it was like a good luck thing. We thought, okay, let’s put all these things together and let’s make something fun."

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