martedì 4 ottobre 2011

Chloé RTW Spring 2012 - Paris Fashion Week, “A Sense Of Ease And Femininity.”

 Clare Waight Keller the new Chloé’s creative director was a welcoming surprise, she interpreted well the Chloé’s light-hearted, feminine spirit in a promising debut, the first think she did was removing the roof on the sweltering tent in the Tuileries Gardens, letting in natural light and fresh air in, to accentuate the brand’s carefree, sunny disposition, second , knowing very well how much Karl Lagerfeld was prized for his prints during his Chloé days, also used embroideries extensively, in her collection she too opted for hyper-realistic flowers crawling up the sides of white pants and shorts, or blooming all over a white blouse, like darker pink and purple orchids, leaving everyone in awe.
She remainded the audience of the softness of the house by languid drop-waisted dresses in pleats ( a major trend) of green, blue, dusty red and orange with touches of rich coral and burgundy.
The first look was a tan chiffon dress which fanned in pleats down from the slashed neckline to flash white inside each pleat, crisp white collarless blouses with long shirt tails worn under translucent chiffon dresses, leather skirts whose pleats were separated with matching chiffon, white cotton dresses with geometric cotton rivets striped up and down, wide blue washed silk trousers worn with linen shirts, a touch of boyish elements like roomy shorts and trousers, and sheer dresses shaped like dungarees and worn over a tunic.

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