lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

Hermès RTW Spring 2012 - Paris Fashion Week, Asian-Inspired, Pure and Precise

Christophe Lemaireis in his second women’s ready-to-wear collection continued his fascination with Asian-inspired silhouettes, earthy colors, and the most sumptuous fabrics money can buy.
He let warm tones of sienna, plum, green, navy and brown to contrast with bright white cotton robes edged in fine, French linen embroidery while sticking to a pure, simply silhouette involving long monastic hooded robes, tailored jackets, full, pleated skirts, genie pants that were drawn into the ankle, loose robes with kimono sleeves, cream headscarves with matching tunics, vivid orange shirtdress and a pajama-like blouse with pant combo in a mesmerizing blue some with pleats down each side, elegant green or purple swimsuits .
Lemaireis with a brand with horse-riding roots was wise to break the calm with same utility vests and jackets, and a handsome hunting coat with a stiff, leather-lined collar and he added same sexiness with a draped blue mini dress with a purple back.

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