lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

John Galliano RTW Spring 2012 - Paris Fashion Week , A More Commercial Approach

Bill Gaytten held tight to the original ethos of the label  "girly and delicate", "Galliano often take for inspiration. from Mary Pickford to Mary Poppin" but at the same time Gaytten put some distance between his point of view and Galliano’s, the first thing to go was the theatrics  the painted faces, messy hair and the piled on styling.
A cut dress didn’t quite make the perfectly cut grade, a pink chiffon cocktail dress was too cutesy pink, but at the same time the tailoring was still pretty solid, fitted jackets worn over full, pleated skirts, the dresses were a little retro for day, sheer and glamorous for evening.
This was ready-to-wear that is really ready to go straight to the store, it lacked the Galliano lightness of touch and expertise but it’s difficult to see how it could do anything else as the first collection presented in his name without him there.
We'll just have to wait and see..


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