lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

Givenchy RTW Spring 2012 - Paris Fashion Week , Hardcore Attitude to the Aquatic Theme

Riccardo Tisci has been letting go of his beloved black lately, and expressed in his show notes a desire to explore “a more romantic side....The general attitude is softer.” The powdery colors of cream, baby pink, khaki and silver and the requisite Givenchy black.
 But a part from the colors there was nothing whimsical or fairytale about this collection : sleeveless tuxedo dresses, super tight leggings , with silver zips up the back of each ankin miniskirts that hung low at the back, high-waisted pencil skirts were held on by one metallic brace pulled diagonally over one shoulder , jackets with alligator lapels ended in a short, menacing tail and were paired with severe blouses and sexy, scubalike pants.
 Fearsome sea wolf markings hand-painted on sequins or leather, and a giant sharks-tooth pendant strung on a chain and banging against the rib cage, Tisci took a variety of skins , either python or sting ray  and stamped paillettes out of them which added a couture feel and made the clothes all the more powerful.

Chiffon tunic dresses fell close to the body in tiered layers,  the romance of the colour and fabric entirely in contrast to the message, before silver sequins took over and then pale rose coloured iridescence that called to mind the skin of the mermaid on our invite.
The final look short, shiny and algae green made the biggest splash: It was worn by Gisele Bündchen, still the biggest fish in the modeling pond.

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