venerdì 5 agosto 2011

Pippa's bridesmaid and evening dresses replica goes on sale and there's already a ‘lady-in-waiting list’!

Debenhams has released its own colelction inhomage to the royal wedding, and to Pippa in particular.

But while Pippa's bespoke Alexander McQueen gown cost a staggering £20,000, Debenhams' limited edition version is a snip at just £170
So great is the anticipated demand that the retailer has taken the unusual step of creating a ‘lady-in-waiting list’ to allow customers to reserve the departments store’s homage to Pippa Middleton’s figure-hugging bridesmaid gown ahead of its launch later this year.
Such is the demand for all things Pippa, the retailer will also stock a £99 version of the emerald green Alice Temperley evening gown that Pippa wore to the evening reception at Buckingham Palace.
In homage to Kate is a black lace sweetheart cocktail-length dress - inspired by her magnificent Alexander McQueen wedding gown.
There is even a flower girl dress cinched with wide gold ribbon that echoes that of the bridal party, to go on sale for just £48 to £52 depending on age
Russell Fish, head of occcassionwear design at Debenhams said: 'Like everyone we were glued to our tellies for the wedding and have been huge Kate and Pippa fans ever since'
'We taken the best of the dresses and added our designer twist. Now you can get the Middletons’ look at High Street prices.'
Alain Mehada, chief personal shopper at Debenhams' Oxford Street flagship, added: 'Both men and women everywhere were instantly talking about Pippa, so naturally brides-to-be will want to emulate her classic look – both for themselves or their bridesmaids.
'We have been inundated by customers asking if we have anything similar to the dresses worn by Kate, Pippa and the flower girls, but the ivory dress worn by Pippa is the most requested by far.'

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