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Chanel to release a new perfume, Chanel N°19 Poudré, to celebrate Coco's birthday on 19th August

To celebrate Coco's birthday on 19th August, Chanel has released a new perfume, Chanel N°19 Poudré, a softer, more powdery variation of its predecessor Chanel N°19.
The original Chanel N°19 was the last scent created by Coco before her death in 1971.
Coco explained the choice of number to a friend and confidante: "It is the day of my birthday, August 19. I was born under the sign of Leo - the lion. And I am just like the lion: I will bring out my claws to protect myself against being hurt. But believe me, it is harder for me to lash out at someone than to have someone lash out at me".
 "Believe it or not but a man once stopped me in the street because of it. As I was leaving the Ritz, I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw a stranger. Before I could sharply brush off this intruder, he said, with an American accent: 'Excuse me, I'm with two ladies who would like to know what perfume you are wearing.' I told him: 'Why don't you all follow me?.' And I took them to the Chanel boutique, where - once we arrived - they realised who I was (…)."        ahhh if only I was there....
Chanel N°19 Poudré has top notes of grasse neroli and Mandarin orange, jasmine absolute and iris pallida in the middle and base notes of white musk, Haitian vetiver and Tonka bean. In-house perfumer Jacques Polge explains his method, "I wanted to underline the importance of iris at Chanel, while giving a new facet to N°19. The desire to rework the original accord with other, more contemporary, powdery notes, came naturally to me."

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