martedì 23 agosto 2011

L’Essence the new eau de parfum by Balenciaga - It is a sequel and a new beginning

I am revisiting a fragrance. Balenciaga Paris. I want to bring out its essential character. A fragrance is like a cut, you can linger over it indefinitely. The fragrance reveals a new story. You always have to revisit the past to discover something new”.
Nicolas Ghesquière. Paris. Balenciaga

L’Essence wants to say it all and yet it is a liquid enigma. L’Essence is green. Deliberately so. The designer chose to play with the rules of perfumery and shake up notions of male and female: “Green fragrances are traditionally male, like eau de cologne. However the key to Balenciaga Paris is violet leaves. I wanted to draw on these almost conflicting inspirations, for women”. L’Essence is green because it is honest and vibrant, like the rustle of crumpled leaves. But L’Essence is green as if it were trying to hide the secret of its nocturnal herb scent…

The making off video

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