domenica 14 agosto 2011

The Caffeine Necklace by Aroha Silhouettes

The Molecular Addictions Collection by Aroha Silhouettes is "a collection and a concept series where molecules are depicted in a way that shows the dark and lonely addictions we can have to addictive substances. Some of the molecules in the collection are easily accessible and consumed on a daily basis whereas others are illicit and taboo, consumed only by those that are truly addicted"
 Aroha Silhouettes is launching one item each month for the rest of 2011 and the latest addition is the Caffeine Necklace

Practically the colletion show the dependency that society has for certain substances...and I think this one is made up for me..

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So while I wear it people will know... ah she's obsessed ever coffe, well people who where good at chemistry bach in school will know the meaning of course..

To end the necklace is made from strong lightweight stainless steel that has been covered in a smooth matte black powder coating and topped with gunmetal chain and findings.!/photos/122610/2

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