venerdì 22 luglio 2011

Drew Barrymore as the face of Neiman Marcus’ Fall campaign.

Eddie Nunns, Vice President of Neiman Marcus Brand Creative, the Texas-based luxury department store Neiman Marcus who is a popular competitor of other colossal US retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s, said: 'We felt that Drew Barrymore possessed not only the pedigree and glamour of old Hollywood, but also the confidence and spirit of the modern-day woman – much like Neiman Marcus itself.'
'She’s a powerful, modern woman with trans-generational appeal,' Nunns told WWD

Fall muse: A striking, red-haired Ms Barrymore shines in Gucci on the Norman Jean Roy shoot

Shot by famed fashion photographer Norman Jean Roy, whose work features regularly in Vanity Fair magazine, one picture sees Ms Barrymore sprawled languidly on the bonnet of a crashed car in a jacket and trousers by Georgio Armani.
Striking an indomitable and glamorous figure, Ms Barrymore looks a world away from some of the comedic characters she has played in the past, from the mild-mannered waitress in The Wedding Singer to the slapstick drama of Dylan in Charlie's Angels

He IS just that into you: Ms Barrymore in Prada - a long way off from some of her acting roles

The shoot was staged in Paramount’s ‘New York Street’ set in LA, giving the photos a classical, urban feel.
The campaign includes designs by Gucci, Lanvin, Tom Ford, Valentino and Burberry Prorsum, well and truly cementing the Art of Fashion's campaign on the annual style calendar

Desirable street car: The Hollywood star channels glamorous diva in the Fall campaign

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