sabato 25 giugno 2011

Model Potential the scouting app

 David Gandy and Agyness Deyn - has collaborated on the launch of the world's first ever model scouting app. Model Potential allows users to take a picture of their face; upload their vital statistics, hair and eye colour, age and height; and within minutes your image will be in front of the bookers of one of the UK's top agencies.
This is pretty cool if you ask me and even if you don't want a career as a model (but come on! if you have the potenzial but maybe you're too shy.. than this a perfect chance right?!) the app will scan your picture and using complex algorithms and mathematics coupled with exclusive "golden ratio" software - will analyse your face to determine how beautiful you are.
here the app to download
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mmm I'm thinking.. maybe I should try it too..

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  1. WOWOOWOWOWOWO!!!!!! Love this! so cool!