sabato 4 giugno 2011

cool trend - by CuteCircuit

CuteCircuit is a fashion company based in London that designs amazing wearable technology and interactive fashion. CuteCircuit products are innovative intelligent clothing that integrate new beauty and functionalities into fashion through the use of smart textiles and micro electronics. CuteCircuit is the first company to merge wearable and telecommunication technology to create emotionally rich experiences.
One of CuteCircuit’s products, the Hug Shirt, was honored as one of the Best Inventions of The Year by Time Magazine. The K-Dress by CuteCircuit is the first interactive fashion to be featured in the designer fashion department of Selfridges.
CuteCircuit work is frequently featured in books on design, art and innovation, publications include: Fashionable Technology, World Changing, Fashioning the Future, Smart Materials in Design, Fashion and Architecture, Sex Design, Designing for Interaction. Many of CuteCircuit products have also been published on magazines and newspapers worldwide, such as WWD, Grazia, TIME Magazine, ELLE, Stuff, WIRED, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, the Financial Times, NPR, CNN, and BBC.. .

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