giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Would You Fancy A $1million Gold Dripping Push-Up

In the town of Birmingham, Michigan a very pricey bra has just gone on sale for $1million at Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers
This particular and expensive bra took a crew of 40 workers almost a year to make and it was made by dripping the bra in 500 carats of diamonds, and moulded out of 18 carat gold, wonder how much it weight? well it weight nearly 1kg!
Many compared this bra with the Victoria's Secret $2.5million bra covered in yellow diamonds and pearls, worn by Miranda Kerr last year.

But Mr Aubry explained how his bra is very different
'The difference between this bra and the Victoria’s Secret bras is the Victoria’s Secret bras have fabric in them and the diamonds are kind of imbedded into the fabric. This, there’s no fabric in it what so ever, it’s just solid gold,' he told CBS.
If you're unsure if you could wear it with being a solid piece of gold and all -
Mr Aubry, who named the bra after his wife, Rita said: 'If you just have that much money, someone would want it to say "Oh, I have a $1million bra," or some people would put it on display at their house or something.
And some people, believe it or not,would actually want to wear it' 
 Either way Mr Aubry ensures you that whoever owns the lavish lingerie is sure to gain some attention - Mr Aubry said: 'We’ve had three different models wear this so far out in public at shows and it never fails to turn some heads.'



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