venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Balenciaga RTW Fall 2012 - Eighties Inspired Woman Working As Spies Infiltrated And Eccentric But Strictly Elegant Executives, Technicals, Legal And Researchers

Designer Nicolas Ghesquière explained backstage that the show was inspired by an imaginary company, "Balenciaga Inc",  “I had this idea about a Balenciaga firm done in a very cinematic way, with different characters with different functions, the executives, the technicals, legal, the researchers, all about how women dress for work.” "the space-age sweatshirt girls were the spies infiltrating the company".
Though his explanation for an outsider's point of view, Ghesquière's  imaginary company, "Balenciaga Inc" dress-code collection was more suitable for a rock ’n’ roll women, with a parade of spongy, boxy jumpers, leopard-print metallic reliefs and intergalactic, retro arcade graphics,  bustier-but-loose dresses, diaphanous silk skirts, leather edged at the hems, and crystal earrings.
 The clue to the corporate dressing themes was in the setting, the look exquisitely tailored with white A-line skirts and shiny elasticated trousers recalled the uniforms of cleaning staff.
Fashion is all about fantasy. Here Ghesquière managed to take the mundane element of work and dress it up into a fantasy all of its very own

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