venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

I'm Always Late Because I Was Born Late - Karl Lagerfeld Face to Face Interview Video

 To promote the launch of his  Net-a-Porter collection ( in which graziadaily reported :  Within an hour or two of launch they Net had already had over 1,000 sales, with pieces selling out almost immediately. First to go were the collars which sold from £70, followed by the £20 tote bag and Karl’s signature cut-off gloves at £50 a pair. At last count 11 pieces had sold out, while sizes in lots more were running very low (although more is expected soon). But of course, with such an in demand collection, there were a few shoppers who hit Net to buy Karl, in order to sell it immediately on eBay).

Karl made a series of videos and his Face to Face video, when he interviews himself , is my favorite.

“I’m always late because I’m patient with people beforehand. You know I was born three weeks later than my mother thought, I think those three weeks I never got them back,” he laughed.

Karl is then asked to describe himself in three words.

“I would like you to describe you, and I will tell you if you are really that way,” he says.

Interviewee Karl replies: “Myself in three words? No, I need more than that. It’s not that simple, what could I say? First of all I have no opinion, I am never happy with myself, I would give you of course a very flattering description but I’m not sure I will believe it’s more to make other people believe. I don’t deliver description of my person, you have what you see is all there is - nothing behind,” he said.

Here's the video..

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